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Spelman Technology Services (STS) manages accounts, access, and authority systems and services that protect the College's information resources. Computer accounts (known as Spelman IDs) and passwords for faculty, staff, and students control access to campus technology resources. Sponsored accounts are available for some College affiliates and guests. Most campus applications can be accessed via the mySpelman Portal.


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Service Features & Options

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Access Network/Wireless/Desktop 


  • Student (Enrolled, Exchange): Once a student is admitted, an account is automatically created. If there is an issue with access, contact the STS Service Desk (404.270.5400). 

  • AUC Student (for lab and Moodle): Students are required to register through your own institution.  Your registrar's office will send your information to Spelman's registrar who will request your access to Moodle and OneSpelman.  Please confirm that your registrar has submitted your information. Your log in information will be sent to your campus email address from Spelman Technology Service Desk ( 

  • Non-Employee (Visiting Scholar, Contractor, Intern): Sponsor (current faculty/staff) must submit a Non-Employee Request Form 

  • Campus Wireless Access - available to all faculty, staff, temporary employee and students. Must use OneSpelman credentials 

  • Guest Wireless Access: Sponsor must submit a Guest Wireless Request Form 


Access Banner SSB (Self-Service) 

Access mySpelman Portal --> on the Home page under Campus Apps --> Banner 

Faculty, Staff 
Students (SSB access only) 

Access Banner 9 Admin Pages; also called Banner PROD 

Access mySpelman Portal --> click the Faculty or Staff tab --> Banner 9 Admin Pages 


Faculty, Staff 

Access email 

Access mySpelman Portal --> on the Home page under Campus Apps --> Outlook 

Faculty, Staff, Students 

Access departmental email accounts 

Access mySpelman Portal --> on the Home page under Campus Apps --> Departmental Email 

Faculty, Staff 
Students: Organizational Accounts 

Request a name change on accounts and email addresses 

Faculty, Staff 

Request Guest wireless account 

Faculty, Staff 

Request VPN (Virtual Private Network Access) 

Faculty, Staff 

Add a missing Moodle course to my view 

Submit a Moodle Request form 

Faculty, Students 

Access Spelman Mobile App 

Download Ellucian GO from your favorite mobile store. Select Spelman College as your school. Log in using your Network ID and Banner Pin. 

Faculty, Staff, Students 

Access online survey system 

Campus uses Qualtrics as the campus enterprise survey tool 
Access mySpelman Portal --> click the Faculty or Staff or Student tab --> Qualtrics image 

Faculty, Staff, Students 

Post and share files online 

Use your OneDrive account within Microsoft Office 365. Log in with and your OneSpelman password. 

If you would like a departmental OneDrive account, please submit a request. 

Faculty, Staff, Students