Office 365 Terms of Service


Microsoft Office 365 Terms of Service:

  • only active faculty, staff and currently enrolled students have access to the software including any downloaded instances of the software.
  • I MUST download files to a flash drive or the local drive on my personal device in order to retain access to all of my files after separation from the College.
  • upon separation from the College I will lose access to my Office 365 account. I will NOT have access to any files that were uploaded to OneDrive, or files compiled in Office Online.
  • Spelman College will not be responsible for any files stored in OneDrive.
  • Office 365 offers a self-restore Recycling Bin where I can restore deleted items for up to 90 days from the date of deletion.
  • OneDrive should not be used to store FERPA or HIPAA compliant data.
  • that I am not to share my passwords with others granting them access to my resources and systems.
  • my failure to follow this policy may subject me to disciplinary action.

You must acknowledge the Office 365 Terms of Service before using the service.  As per the College’s Acceptable Use Policy, there should be no expectation of privacy when using College owned systems or networks. Violation of the above terms will result in corrective measures for accounts found to be out of compliance.

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