Outside Employment

Employees are cautioned to consider carefully the demands that additional work activity will create before seeking or accepting outside employment. Outside employment will not be considered an excuse for poor job performance, absenteeism, tardiness or leaving early.

If the employee's outside work interferes with performance or the ability to meet the requirements of Spelman, normal disciplinary procedures will be followed to address the specific problem. In some circumstances, the employee may be asked to terminate the outside employment if he or she wishes to remain with Spelman.

Outside employment that constitutes a conflict of interest is prohibited. Employees may not receive any income or material gain from individuals outside Spelman for materials produced or services rendered while performing their jobs. If you are not sure whether a conflict exists, you are encouraged to discuss it with your supervisor, your division vice-president, or the Office of Human Resources.

Policy No.  110  Effective Date:  9/1/2000  Revision Date:  6/1/2002