Spelman encourages current employees to develop and diversify their knowledge and skills in the workplace. Departments should create and maintain an atmosphere which supports and rewards pursuit of career mobility. Managers and department heads should encourage their staff members to pursue appropriate vacancies to foster their career development.


Staff members may apply for open positions at the College for which they have the required education and experience. Employees must remain in one job for at least six (6) months before applying for another position at the College. The success of staff's future career moves will depend upon their success in creating a solid and stable work history, so career moves should be carefully planned. Individuals who are considering a transfer are encouraged to discuss the decision with the recruiter in the Office of Human Resources.


For each position for which a staff member wishes to apply, the staff member should submit the materials requested in the job advertisement (for example, a cover letter and current resume). Managers are encouraged to promote from within their divisions/departments when appropriate.

The entire process of internal applications, promotions and transfers should be coordinated by and with the approval of the Office of Human Resources.

Policy No.  180  Effective Date:  6/1/2002