282 Service Credit

Employees who leave the College in good standing are eligible for rehire, provided they meet the current criteria for the position for which they are applying. Simply having held the position does not mean the former employee will be reinstated. All available applicants for the position at the time of the vacancy may be reviewed and considered.

Individuals that are rehired may receive credit for their previous years of service after they have returned and completed one (1) year of service. Service will only be credited if the employee was gone for a period of time that was less than the period of time they worked before leaving.

Service credit does not reinstate past accrual balances of sick or vacation time; however, it does determine the accrual rate for future time.

Prior service credit will be calculated by the method described below:

    • Once an employee completes one year of uninterrupted regular employment, that year and all subsequent periods of regular employment, shall be counted toward prior service credit.
    • All benefits that require a minimum number of years of continuous service will be available to those employees with the same minimum number of years of prior service (after they have returned and completed one (1) year of service required).
    • Employees who leave the College for less than 30 days will receive credit not only for their prior service but for their time away from the College as well, immediately upon rehire.

Employees may request to have their prior service history reviewed by the Office of Human Resources. The evaluation of prior service will depend on the availability of records verifying dates of service. If records are not available, the individual may not receive service credit.

The prior service credit described in this section does not apply to the 403(b) Retirement Plan. Credited service for this plan is specifically described in those plan documents and remains unchanged.

Policy No.  282  Effective Date:  9/1/2000  Revision Date:  2/26/2010