It is the policy of Spelman College to recognize the meritorious performance of its employees by allowing them promotional opportunities.

A promotion occurs when an individual moves from his/her position to another position, which is at a higher level. A promotion should not be confused with a reclassification. All employees are encouraged to seek advancement opportunities and to obtain promotion and career guidance from their supervisor, manager, and/or the Office of Human Resources.

An employee's basic eligibility for promotion will be determined by the requirements of the new position. In addition, the employee must have held his or her current position for at least six (6) months and have both a satisfactory performance record and no adverse disciplinary actions during the same period. The College may waive the minimum time in position requirement in unusual circumstances, if it is in the best interest of the College.

Upon acceptance of a promotion, an employee will begin a new 3-month introductory period at the end of which his/her job performance will be evaluated.

Policy No.  285  Effective Date:  6/1/2002