History of Spelman

Founded in the basement of Atlanta's Friendship Baptist Church on April 11, 1881, Spelman College stands as a beacon of both learning and leadership. In its more than 125 years of educating African American women, Spelman has grown from its roots as the Atlanta Baptist Female Seminary to become one of the nation's most prominent institutions of higher learning within the rich liberal arts tradition. Widely known for academic excellence and quality instruction, Spelman provides a nurturing environment in which students will not only learn and grow, but one in which they will rejoice in all that life has to offer.

There is perhaps no other college or university as unique as Spelman. Great value is placed on the achievements of each Spelman woman. Everywhere you turn you will find "sisters" ready to listen, talk or simply extend their hand to help students realize their dreams. In every aspect of living and learning at Spelman, it is evident that Spelman is the educator of black women leaders for the world. There is no other institution offering the range of opportunities that are available at Spelman. It is indeed a special place for special women.

Located just west of downtown Atlanta, Spelman provides an ideal setting for students to engage in the pursuit of their personal and professional goals. Historic and modern buildings grace the College's beautiful and well-planned 32-acre campus.
Spelman is an integral part of the Atlanta University Center. Consisting of four historically black institutions of higher education, this consortium includes two undergraduate schools, one comprehensive university, and a school of medicine. These institutions cooperate through cross registration, by sharing facilities and resources. This consortium arrangement enables the College to maintain its own identity and at the same time offer educational and social opportunities to Spelman that it otherwise could not as a small liberal arts college.

While the traditions and heritage of the college are indeed impressive, the promise of the future for Spelman and its women is magnificent. When a woman graduates from Spelman, she ventures forth to meet the world of tomorrow equipped for life with the richness, cultivation and excitement for learning and thinking that this exceptional experience provides.

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