Tuition Assistance

Spelman recognizes that the skills and knowledge of its employees are critical to the success of the College. The tuition assistance program encourages personal development through formal education so that employees can maintain and improve job-related skills or enhance their ability to compete for reasonably attainable jobs within Spelman.

Spelman will provide educational assistance to all eligible employees who have completed one (1) year of service in an eligible employment classification. To maintain eligibility employees must remain on the active payroll and be performing their job satisfactorily through completion of each course. Employees in the following employee classification(s) are eligible for educational assistance:

ü       Regular full-time employees

Individual courses or courses that are part of a degree, licensing, or certification program must be related to the employee's current job duties or a foreseeable-future position in the organization in order to be eligible for educational assistance. Spelman has the sole discretion to determine whether a course relates to an employee's current job duties or a foreseeable-future position.

Employees may take no more than one (1) academic course at a time. There is a limit of four (4) credits per semester or equivalent. The course must be taken at an accredited college, university, or technical school which is eligible under federally insured student loan programs. Courses must be approved and budgeted for, in advance of enrollment. Interested employees should request their managers to include the cost of attending class in the annual budgeting process. If funds are not budgeted, the request for assistance may be denied.

Upon proof of successful completion with a minimum grade of "C", the College will reimburse for one-half of the cost of tuition, not to exceed $500 in any one (1) fiscal year. Employees should contact the Office of Human Resources for more information or questions about educational assistance.

While educational assistance is expected to enhance employee's performance and professional abilities, Spelman cannot guarantee that participation in formal education will entitle the employee to automatic advancement, a different job assignment, or pay increases. Additionally, funds are limited based on the College's financial status.

Policy No.  314  Effective Date:  9/1/2000  Revision Date:  6/1/2002