ACS Tuition Exchange Program

In 2001, Spelman College became a member of The Associated Colleges of the South (ACS). As a member, dependent children of Spelman faculty and staff can now participate in the ACS Tuition Exchange Program.


The tuition exchange benefit is available to dependents of full-time employees with at least one (1) year of full-time service.

Dependent Eligibility

The dependent must be the dependent child of a full-time employee of Spelman with at least one (1) year of service. The dependent child must be a recent high school graduate with no more than 12-months since graduation, or students who are transferring from another accredited college or university.

For purposes of this policy, dependent children are defined as natural children, legally adopted children, or stepchildren that are your legal, court certified, dependents, under the age of twenty-four (24).

Proof of dependent relationships must be provided at the time of initial enrollment through the presentation of birth certificate, adoption or guardianship papers or other legal documentation. If deemed necessary, the College reserves the right to investigate the status of students claimed as dependents.

This program is intended to be a supplemental program to be applied after the eligible participant has applied for and received all appropriate federal and state financial aid grants or scholarships for which they qualify.


Eligible dependents may apply for admission at any of the participating schools. Admission to the college the student wishes to attend will be determined through the regular admissions process established by that college, without regard to the applicant's potential eligibility for tuition exchange. The student should file an application for admission in the usual way, and pay all required fees and deposits for the college he or she wishes to attend.

A certification form for this program must be completed by the college at which the parent is employed each year. Copies of the form are forwarded to the ACS and the attending college.

Program Fees

A $1,500 Tuition Exchange Program fee must be paid by the student each year. The tuition exchange program fee will be billed by ACS. Payment is due July 15. There are no refunds of this fee.

The charges included in the remission of tuition are determined by the institution the student is attending. In general, tuition is defined to include all tuition and fees charged by the college with the exception of room, board, and special fees not charged to all students.

Additional Requirements

Each participating student must apply for all State and/or Federal Financial Aid for which he or she may be eligible. The amount of tuition remitted under the exchange program will be the total due less all state, federal or private grants received by the applicant. Participants whose demonstrated need exceeds the remitted tuition should discuss the possibility of additional financial aid with the financial aid director of the college they wish to attend. Benefits under the ACS Tuition Exchange Program will be treated as an outside scholarship when determining eligibility for additional financial aid.

Tuition Exchange may not include tuition for off-campus study programs, sponsored either by ACS or individually by the college the student is attending. Participating students should check with appropriate officials at the college they are attending to determine which fees and which off-campus Programs may be covered by tuition remission.

Participating students must be full time degree candidates. Only charges for the regular academic year at the college attended are included. Tuition exchange is available for only four (4) years of study or until the requirements for the B.A. or B.S. are met, whichever is less. Enrollment for less than one academic year constitutes one year of the four years. Participating students must make satisfactory academic progress, as determined by the college they are attending, in order to retain eligibility for tuition remission.

If the student is accepted for admission, but denied for the tuition exchange program, the coordinator will notify the student accordingly and indicate to the student that he or she will need to apply for student aid through the receiving institution if assistance is desired. Questions about the operation of the exchange should be directed to the Office of Human Resources.

Participating ACS Institutions

Birmingham-Southern College, Centenary College of Louisiana, Centre College, Furman University, Hendrix College, Millsaps College, Morehouse College, Rhodes College, Rollins College, Southwestern University, Spelman College, Trinity University, University of Richmond, University of the South, Washington and Lee University.

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Policy No.  392  Effective Date:  6/1/2002