Spelman College conforms to all state and federal regulations regarding the reporting of time for employees.

Non-Exempt Time Reporting
Non-exempt employees must accurately record all hours actually spent on the job performing assigned duties. All hours worked must be recorded on timesheets/timecards and submitted to the supervisor for approval prior to submission to payroll for processing. The supervisor must verify any modifications to the time record.

Altering, falsifying, tampering with time records, or recording time on another employee's time record may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

Non-exempt employees should report to work no more than 15 minutes prior to their scheduled starting time nor stay more than 15 minutes after their scheduled ending time without expressed and prior authorization from their supervisor.

Overtime work must always be approved by the supervisor before it is performed. The supervisor is responsible for assigning, authorizing, monitoring and ensuring the reporting accuracy of both regular and overtime hours worked, and for assessing the budgetary impact of paid overtime.

Exempt Employee Time Reporting
Exempt employees are required to keep accurate records of the number of hours used for vacation and sick. This information must be reported via exception reports approved by the supervisor prior to submission to payroll, for processing. Exception reports for exempt employees must be submitted within one week of the absence. For multiple days, the report is due within one week of the last day of the absence. Additional time keeping requirements may be imposed for grant funded positions. Check with your supervisor or Department Chair for further information for grant funded positions.

Due Dates
Bi-weekly, non-exempt payroll employee timesheets must be received in the Payroll Office, Monday following the end of a pay period.

Semi-monthly, non-exempt payroll employee timesheets must be received in the Payroll Office within three working days following each payday.

Failure to comply with this policy can lead to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.



Policy No.  401  Effective Date:  9/1/2000  Revision Date:  2/26/2010