Severance Pay

Spelman may provide severance pay to eligible employees whose employment is terminated for reasons that are not prejudicial to Spelman as determined by the College in its sole discretion (e.g., non-performance related, layoff due to lack of work, reorganization, etc.).

Severance pay may be provided to the following eligible employee classifications:

ü       Regular - non-academic full-time employees

Employees hired as temporary employees for a specified period of time or employees who were offered but refused to accept another suitable position with the College are ineligible for severance pay.

Spelman’s general schedule of severance pay is as follows, but this schedule may be modified at the President’s discretion at any time:

Years of Service                Payment Amount

0 - 1    year                        no payment

1 - 5    years                       one (1) month’s salary

6 - 10  years                       three (3) month’s salary

11 years or more                6 month's salary

Spelman’s decision to offer severance pay is at all times discretionary and may be contingent upon additional terms and conditions.

Policy No.  407  Effective Date:  9/1/2000  Revision Date:  8/26/2015