To assist in providing a safe and healthful work environment for employees, students, and visitors, Spelman has established a workplace safety program. This program is a top priority for Spelman. The Safety Advisory Committee and Department of Public Safety have the responsibility for administering, facilitating effective communication regarding workplace safety and health issues, monitoring, and/or evaluating the safety program. Its success depends on the alertness and personal commitment of all.

Spelman may provide information to employees about workplace safety and health issues through regular internal communication channels such as emails, new hire orientation, Spelman ALERT or other written communications.  Also, employees and supervisors may receive periodic workplace safety training that may cover potential safety and health hazards and safe work practices and procedures to eliminate or minimize hazards.

Some of the best safety improvement ideas come from employees. Employees with ideas, concerns, or suggestions for improved safety in the workplace are encouraged to raise them with their supervisor, or with another supervisor or manager, or bring them to the attention of a member of the safety advisory group. Reports and concerns about workplace safety issues may be made anonymously if the employee wishes. All reports can be made without fear of reprisal.

Each employee is expected to obey safety rules and to exercise caution in all work activities. Employees must immediately report any unsafe condition to the appropriate supervisor.

Employees are not allowed to tamper with fire-alarm mechanisms, fire extinguishers or refuse to vacate a building in the event of a fire alarm.
The use of candles, incense, and other combustible materials may not be used in offices or breakrooms, unless approved by faculty member for teaching related purposes.

Employees who violate safety standards, who cause hazardous or dangerous situations, or who fail to report, or where appropriate, remedy such situations, may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

In the case of accidents that result in injury, regardless of how insignificant the injury may appear, employees should immediately notify the appropriate supervisor, the Office of Human Resources or the Department of Public Safety. Such reports are necessary to comply with and initiate insurance and workers' compensation benefits procedures.

Policy No.  501  Effective Date:  9/1/2000  Revision Date:  04/04/2016