Rest and Meal Periods

Each workday, full-time nonexempt employees are provided with 2 rest periods of 15 minutes in length. To the extent possible, rest periods will be provided in the morning and the afternoon. Since this time is counted and paid as time worked, employees must not be absent from their workstations beyond the allotted rest period time. These breaks do not accrue and may be withdrawn if abused.

Most full-time employees are provided with one meal period of 60-minutes in length each workday. Supervisors will schedule meal periods to accommodate operating requirements. Employees will be relieved of all active responsibilities and restrictions during meal periods and will not be compensated for that time.

Based on operational needs, the College reserves the right to shorten the lunch period. If the lunch period is for less than 30-minutes this will become paid time.

There are several places on the campus that employees may use for lunch. Most buildings have break rooms; there is a faculty and staff dining room, the cafeteria and several food establishments in the lower level of Manley Center.

Policy No.  506  Effective Date:  9/1/2000