Employee Acknowledgement Form



The employee handbook describes important information about Spelman, and I understand that I should consult my manager or the Office of Human Resources regarding any questions not answered in the handbook. I have entered into my employment relationship with Spelman voluntarily and acknowledge that there is no specified length of employment. Accordingly, either Spelman or I can terminate the employment relationship at will, with or without cause, at any time.

Since the information described herein is subject to change, I acknowledge that revisions to the handbook may occur, except to Spelman’s policy of employment-at-will. All such changes will be communicated through interoffice mail, or electronic communication such as the College website or email. I understand official notices and revised information may supersede, modify, or eliminate existing policies. Only the President of the College or her designee(s) has the ability to adopt any revisions to the policies in this handbook.

Furthermore, I acknowledge that this handbook is neither a contract of employment nor a legal document. I have received the handbook, and I understand that it is my responsibility to read and comply with the policies contained in this handbook and any revisions made to it.

EMPLOYEE'S NAME (printed): _______________________________________________

EMPLOYEE'S SIGNATURE: _________________________________________________

DATE: __________________________________