Weapons and Firearms



Spelman College has a long-standing commitment to maintaining a safe and secure learning, working, and living environment for faculty, staff, students, visitors, and guests.  The College maintains a Weapons and Firearms-Free Policy for all Spelman College Property and Spelman College Events.


II.        POLICY


The possession, manufacture, transfer, sale, or use of Weapons by anyone on Spelman College Property or at any Spelman College Event without the explicit authorization of Spelman College is expressly prohibited, regardless of whether a federal or state license to possess a Weapon has been issued to the possessor.  All persons covered by this Policy must also follow and are subject to any other applicable state or federal laws and College policies.




The following persons and groups are exempt from this Policy:


A.        Persons legally permitted to possess Weapons in the State of Georgia


·      Must be necessary as a part of a campus research, classroom, or work-related activity (for officially recognized College programs)


·      Must have prior written approval from the Department of Public Safety


B.        Persons legally permitted to possess a firearm in the State of Georgia who maintain firearms in their privately owned motor vehicle


·      Firearm must be in a locked, enclosed compartment (e.g., trunk or glove box) and not visible


C.        Spelman College-sanctioned groups


·      Must be necessary as part of an authorized campus activity


·      Must have prior written approval from the Department of Public Safety


D.        Spelman College ROTC participants


·      ROTC instructors and enrolled ROTC students may carry and use Weapons for College-approved training and at officially authorized ceremonies, parades, and drills


E.         On-duty Department of Public Safety personnel, law enforcement officers, and military personnel



·      Must be legally permitted to possess Weapons in the State of Georgia


·      Must be in performance of official duties


F.         Persons associated with athletic teams, physical education classes or co-curriculum activities


·      May possess sports equipment that may otherwise constitute a Weapon under this Policy, including, for example, baseball bats, golf clubs, fencing, rifles, pistols, etc.


·      Sports equipment must only be used for legitimate athletic purposes and must be secured properly when not in use


G.        Persons residing in on-campus housing or whose job duties involve the preparation of food


·      May possess kitchen knives and other kitchen utensils that may otherwise constitute a Weapon under this Policy


H.        Persons whose job duties involve the repair and maintenance of Spelman College Property


·      May possess construction or landscaping tools that may otherwise constitute a Weapon under this Policy




Any faculty or staff member or student violating this policy shall be subject to the disciplinary policies and procedures applicable to faculty, staff, and students, respectively.  In addition, faculty and staff members, students, guests, and visitors may be subject to removal or arrest by the Department of Public Safety or other law enforcement officials if they do not remove an unauthorized Weapon from Spelman College Property or from a Spelman College Event after being requested to do so.  Possession of any unlicensed firearms or weapons will result in immediate confiscation and also may lead to criminal prosecution by the appropriate jurisdiction.  The Department of Public Safety may refer suspected violations of law to appropriate law enforcement authorities and provide investigative and other data as permitted or required by law.




Any member of the Spelman College community who observes an individual possessing, manufacturing, transferring, selling, or using a Weapon on Spelman College Property or at a Spelman College Event and who reasonably believes that the individual is doing so without the authorization of Spelman College should immediately report the activity to the Department of Public Safety or a law enforcement official.  Likewise, any member of the Spelman College community who observes unattended items he or she reasonably believes to be Weapons should immediately report the description and location of those items to the Department of Public Safety or a law enforcement official.





Except as otherwise provided in this Policy, only under the most unusual circumstances will an exemption to this Policy be granted.  Requests for an exemption may be made in writing to the Office of Human Resources. The Office of Human Resources will review the request in consultation with the Department of Public Safety and appropriate members of Spelman College’s administration and will respond to the requestor in writing with the College’s decision, which will be final.




A.        Spelman College Property:  All Spelman College property, whether owned, leased, or controlled by Spelman College, including, but not limited to, buildings, grounds, parking lots/garages, and vehicles.


B.        Spelman College Event:  Any event that is sponsored or co-sponsored by Spelman College, whether or not such event takes place on Spelman College Property.


C.        Weapon:  A “Weapon” under this Policy includes, but is not limited to:


1.         All firearms or any item that fires a projectile (including, but not limited to, paintball guns, air rifles, air pistols, BB guns, tasers, slingshots, and/or guns that shoot projectiles, regardless of whether the gun is a toy, counterfeit, replica, or blank-firing gun);


2.         All sharp, pointed, or edged instruments (including, but not limited to, knives, bowie knives, daggers, swords, metal knife sharpeners, or switchblade knives); however, single-edged knives with blade lengths of three inches or less (and ordinary eating utensils) are not considered a Weapon for purposes of this Policy;


3.         Blunt objects (including, but not limited to, leaded canes, bats, blackjacks, batons, nightsticks, billy clubs, saps, metallic knuckles, billysticks, or clubs); and


4.         Explosives or incendiary devices (including, but not limited to, gunpowder, ammunition, combustible materials, or fireworks).


            D.        A Weapon under this Policy shall not include mace, pepper spray, and other similar non-lethal, self-defense items that are not otherwise excluded by this Policy. 




Questions about the applicability of this Policy should be directed to the Office of Human Resources. This Policy is intended to assist in the consistent application of Spelman College policies and programs for all faculty, staff, students, guests, and visitors.  Spelman College reserves the right to modify this Policy in whole or in part, at any time, in its sole discretion.

Policy No.  523  Effective Date:  9/17/2014