Personal Leave

Spelman provides leaves of absence without pay to eligible employees who wish to take time off from work duties to fulfill personal obligations. Full time regular employees are eligible to request personal leave as described in this policy.


Eligible employees may request personal leave only after having completed 1 year of full-time service. As soon as eligible employees become aware of the need for a personal leave of absence, they should request a leave from their supervisor.


Personal leave may be requested for a period of up to 90 calendar days every 2 years. With the supervisor's approval, an employee may take any available sick or vacation leave as part of the approved period of leave, provided the leave request meets vacation and/or sick policy guidelines.


Leave Requests

Requests for personal leave will be evaluated based on a number of factors, including anticipated workload requirements and staffing considerations during the proposed period of absence. All personal leaves must be approved by the division vice-president/provost or the President.



Employees will be responsible for the full costs of their benefits if they wish coverage to continue. When the employee returns from personal leave, benefits will again be provided by Spelman according to the applicable plans.


Benefit accruals, such as vacation, sick leave, or holiday benefits, will be suspended during the leave and will resume upon return to active employment.


Expiration of Leave

When a personal leave ends, every reasonable effort will be made to return the employee to the same position, if it is available, or to a similar available position for which the employee is qualified. However, Spelman cannot guarantee reinstatement in all cases.


If an employee fails to report to work promptly at the expiration of the approved leave period, Spelman will assume the employee has resigned.

Policy No.  603  Effective Date:  9/1/2000